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Welcome to SNM Novel Publications, a premiere print publication, featuring the best new talent in horror today. We will showcase new complete themed and short story novels from up and coming authors. Whether it’s to browse around and read the featured authors or even submit a novel yourself, we welcome and embrace you into our realm of true horror. This mortuary was built by my grimy appendages from sordid ceremonial grounds and drenched in the blood of disdain and rejection. We have woven together this underworld to feature some wicked works from horror authors who haven’t had their imaginative scrolls of horror fiction presented in the public eye from the crypt into broad daylight. We dare to publish what other mags don't! Come see why are the underground of speculative horror and dark fiction, where suggestion is stronger than splatter...and mindset is everything.  

Welcome Home to the Mausoleum where the Dead come to play!  


Yes, you heard right, SNM Magazine is FREE to the public! We are here to bring you the best new voices in horror and dark fiction today. Are you ready for the next generation Stephen King? Every press has its own niche. Ours is publishing new and upcoming original authors. We don't like following trends, we would much prefer setting trends. All we ask is that you patron the ones you like by buying their novels, as they represent the future of the next generation of horror to come. Please sign our reader's guestbook and subscribe below to get our free monthly newsletters. Our writers work hard to entertain your brain and do appreciate your verbal support and feedback in our guestbook.


Do you have an original novel or novella that you want published? All first and second time published or self-published writers welcome. If we publish it, we'll showcase your novel and promote it on Amazon, Goodreads, our website, social media, and in the hallowed halls of our publication. We will also promote your featured author biography and picture in the published novel. Submit your best unpublished fiction! We will promote your book through our own channels of promotion and get your name out there to the masses. And we do not charge any fees for reading your work. We are the true bootcamp of horror! Our philosophy is, since no one becomes famous overnight, it's imperative for new writers to get exposure and acquire a good fan base. And it's all about having eyes on your book. We have become a launching ground for new horror authors, who get feedback from our editors to learn and grow. We challenge writers to write fresh ideas, instead of submitting older works, reprints or recycled rejects.


Fear not, we have covered all the bases. We are registered with the major horror directory venues,  Duotrope, Preditors & Editors, Ralan, Goodreads, Horrorfind, Every Writer's Resource, and more. Additionally, we are listed on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We send out newsletters, blogs and do email blasts. You can also find us on Facebook & Twitter, where our twisted congregation of hellish freaks eagerly devour our raw carnage offerings. Between our members and readers, writers, reviewers, and our fan base, we have mutated like a tumor! We will also get you independent reviewers and site affiliate reviews. We average over 3,000 visits to the website each month and word of mouth helps. Make us become the number one source of dark, speculative horror fiction by telling people about us. It's free for them too! We hope you find it...disturbing.

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Dream Dark, Be Original, Write Brilliant,

Steve, Kevin, Cindy & Jennifer

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                             New SNM Novels

Please come visit our Author Novel Bookstore and Anthology Bookstore links on our site. See our newest releases and get the latest new horror novels on the market by the next generation pioneers of horror. You can find our novel and anthology book releases on, as well as our SNM Author Novels. 

Bonded By Blood 5: Doomsday Descends, the anthology that placed #3 in the 2012 Preditors & Editors Polls with 2 top 10 placing SNM author’s stories, is now on sale at for $15.95. It features 25 stories and 370 pages of pure spellbinding horror and dark fiction.This is the final print anthology of SNM.

The entire set of all 5 Bonded By Blood anthologies is only $60.00 and that includes shipping and handling, if you buy it from the publisher. Offer valid in the U.S. only, applicable S&H out of country. (The post office is killing the small press.)

Keep in mind that any anthology purchases help to support our authors with paid royalties. If you are interested in getting the set, email us directly and get free shipping from the publisher: to make a direct Pay Pal payment. This exclusive discount offer is direct from the publisher to you. We thank you for your continued support as avid readers.

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This site may contain subject matter not suitable for young children. Neither I, nor any of our contributors/staff will be held responsible for any material viewed by anyone under 18 years of age and no one over age 81 for fear of getting sued over having a heart attack! Keep in mind, the name of the site is SNM Horror Mag. It is not a brand name for a type of horror, rather, it's my initials...although we do welcome a good, well-written, depraved story from time to time!

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